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At present, the development of CCTV related technology and artificial intelligence technology has brought about rapid IT service and environment change that no one has ever experienced. From the business activities of the company to the conveniences of our life, CCTV and artificial intelligence technologies have become an important part of story.

intellivix has been continuously challenging to secure competitiveness as a professional image analysis company based on the best research personnel, rich experience and various know-how. Change is another challenge for us, and we will strive for successful change and development so that we can go a little further than others at the center of the world. We are constantly striving to ensure that our customers, shareholders and members are satisfied.

We will become a global professional company for happiness and a better future by further strengthening our organizational innovation and customer service with our technical and reliable video analysis related products.

Please keep in mind the new changes and challenges of the company that is trusted by the customers with the spirit of creativity that creates value for themselves and the spirit of practical challenge.

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Intellivix is specialized in researching and developing software related to computer vision.

intellivix was founded in 2002 and since then has focused on developing computer vision software and branded and commercialized software in the name of I ViSTA, i.Modelr, I Fusion 2D packages successfully. Since 2005, we have expected possibility of intelligent video surveillance growth and started to develop related technologies. Therefore in 2007, we completed developing intelligent video surveillance software package “IntelliVIX” and until now we are leading the video analytics market with IntelliVIX.

We will continue our effort to make "IntelliVIX" the world top brand. We have core technology of video analytics solution.

  1. Real-time video analytics
  2. Real-time pedestrian detection
  3. event detection based Rule-set and self-learning system
  4. Age/Gender/Face recognition and object classification based on deep learning
  5. Real time Image stitching and recording
  6. Video transmitting/recording/playback/display
  7. Application development based MS window/Linux
  8. Video Processing such as defog, video stabilization, improve image quality, and de-worping

Certification & Patent

  • Patent No.10-0526397: Global Video Mosaic
  • Patent No.10-0585822: video surveillance system and control method using real time Panorama video
  • Patent No.10-0614004: Automated 360 degree panorama image creation
  • Patent No.10-0879622: virtual path passing object detection
  • Patent No.10-0879623: Automated wide area surveillance system with PTZ Camera
  • Patent No.10-0883632: Intelligent video surveillance system with high resolution camera
  • Patent No.10-0885418: People Detection and tracking system in overhead camera
  • Patent No.10-0888935: interworking for two cameras in intelligent video surveillance
  • Patent No.10-0927554: Night Video surveillance system based day/night video composition.
  • Patent No.10-1469099: Auto Camera Calibration by people/object tracking
  • Patent No.10-1581293: Security Data collection device and method
  • Patent No.10-1632198: event area of interest detection based object moving time
  • Patent No.20-0475612: Housing for sound sensor installation
  • Design Registration No.30-0775955: housing for sound sensor
  • Enterprise Research center No.20021617 illisis inc video information processing laboratory
  • Information and communication work business registration No.202517
  • Quality Management system certificate(ISO 9001:2008) No.23133
Patent No.10-0526397
Patent No.10-0585822
Patent No.10-0614004



Talent of intellivix

  • Passion
    • Creating the future with passion
  • Honesty
    • Customer satisfaction with honesty
  • Creativity
    • Seizing the opportunity with creativity
  • Convergence
    • Getting together with convergence
Talent of Illisis

Company Benefits


We do give good company benefit to members. We surely do the best to make employees satisfied with our company.

  • National Insurance/Monday to Friday/annual holiday/vacation
  • Offering Dinner(Overtime)/beverage
  • Reward a long term employee person
  • Gift certificate for birthday/Christmas cake/holiday gift
  • Hof-day(Beer Party)/Movie day



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